Predictable Fitness Results

Rules of fitness are almost as exact as mathematics. In math, you expect to get a four anytime you add two and two.  In fitness and in healthy many expect to add two and two and get 5, 6 or 7.

Part of the reason is lack of familiarity with fitness rules. Another part is a mindset promoted by marketers that somehow, magically, you can break the basic rules of fitness and still get great results.

Billions of dollars are spent on nutritional supplements and exercise programs and still millions of people are dealing with many diseases that are, at least in part, fitness related including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

A high school friend once told me about his efforts to cheat. He confided in me that if he had put as much effort into studying as he did in finding a creative way of cheating, he would have been an A student.

Fitness has basic rules that are as exact as math.  Learning them and applying them often takes less time, energy and money than trying to find short cuts. And these rules could produce predictable results just like mathematics formulas.

The basic fitness rules are actually not even fitness rules, they are success rules. The first step is to have a goal, next comes a workout plan that matches that goal, after that is a nutrition plan to complement the exercise plan and last is an implementation process that matches your lifestyle.

A bodybuilder may not have the same goal as a cancer patient who just finished her chemo therapy. A 250 pounds male basketball player cannot get results from a diet and exercise plan made for a 110 pounds female gymnast. A healthy weight loss diet fits for a busy mom with three young children has a different implementation process than one made to build muscle for a single young man who is launching his career.

A program like Venus Weight Loss that is specifically designed for women with the focus on Leptin is not worked for a male body builder who needs to put on mass.

Regardless of who you are and what health care objective you are trying to accomplish. You need to find a plan that matches your lifestyle and incorporates both exercise and nutrition.